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Mobile App Development

The use of mobile apps has undergone a paradigm shift over the years. More and more people today use apps on their mobile devices to seek information and avail services. The key is to deliver what they are looking for right on to their smart phones and tablets; and this is what we specialize in. The mobile app development crew at Tech Chaytrika can create mobile apps for any platform you want need, and to serve any purpose. Share your idea and target audience with us and we will come up with a comprehensive strategy to design and develop the best possible app for your needs.

We develop apps for both native and hybrid users. This means, you can have apps designed specifically for iOS, Android, or Windows users, or opt for a hybrid app which runs via PhoneGap.

With PhoneGap hybrid app technology, your app would run on all the major Mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows, by bringing in and balancing the supported features of each of the OS platform for the app.

We test the apps rigorously, before making it available to our clients & end users, to ensure that the apps are free from bugs and glitches, to not only meet but exceed our Clients and in turn their end users expectations, in every possible way.

Web App Development

At Tech Chaytrika, we specialize in web app development, offering a suite of solutions. Whether you need a custom app for your business, a desktop app for your employees, or a shopping cart for your e-commerce website, we have the expertise and experience to get the job done. From, design to development, we make sure your ideas are incorporated in the app and the app is perfect for the end users. We also test your web apps to uncover and treat any bugs, and will maintain your apps so you don’t face any hassle in the future.

Our web developers are well-versed with the different app platforms and languages. We can create develop web apps for

  • .Net
  • Java
  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP)

This means we can serve all your web app development needs. If you need a web app, contact Web Tech Chaytrika now to get one that’s just perfect to cater to your business needs.


Website Development

At Tech Chaytrika, we are mobile and web app experts; and at the same time, that is why we offer topnotch website development services as well. If you want to have a user-friendly, highly responsive website designed for your business, we can get the job done. We have the experience and expertise to create websites which Websites which we develop, have the potential to capture the attention of your target audience and deliver your message across to them and yield the results you seek. All our websites are responsive to ensure they load equally well on every screen and platform. Responsive websites provide consistent as well as appealing look and feel, no matter on what device type your website is viewed on.


UI/UX Design

Our app development services are comprehensive but we place emphasis on optimal UI/UX. After all, if the users aren’t happy with a particular app, you cannot expect them to keep using it. With the apps we design, you can be sure the users keep coming back for more, regardless of whether you are targeting potential customers or have an app created for your employees. All our apps are highly responsive and load quickly. And we also maintain them to minimize and eliminate any risks of crashes or failures. We focus solely on responsive web design to ensure all our apps are viewable and easy to use on all devices.



Our Process

Whether it’s designing a website or developing a retail app, we follow a comprehensive process which
enables us to deliver the ideal solution as per the needs of our clients.
There are five distinctive phases:

Phase I – Discover

We discover the purpose of the app or website and who it is being developed for by consulting our client.


Phase II – Design

We come up with a plan which encompasses the information we gathered in Phase I and at the same time, optimize UI/UX.


Phase III – Develop

We start working on your solution, following the Design to the latter.


Phase IV – Quality control

We test the solution and also obtain feedback from our client to ensure the solution is fully functional and up to their expections.


Phase V – Deploy

We bring the solution online once it is approved by you and your team. The final details of the project are worked out accordingly.



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Tech Chaytrika was launched with one mission in mind: to provide the best in app solutions for business. Our team has the expertise and experience to create, design, develop and maintain web-based and mobile apps for you.
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